I lead military tours for Staffride Ltd, the premier battlefield study company for military units.  Staffride Ltd offers an outstanding learning experience and I would strongly encourage any military unit considering a battlefield study or staff ride to visit their website.

I lead and guide military tours to the following First World War battlefields:

  • Italian Front of the First World War – including Caporetto and the withdrawal to the Piave; the British involvement on the Italian Front, including Asiago and the Battle of Vittorio Veneto.
  • The Western Front – the battlefields of the BEF from 1914 -1918, with an additional focus on the ANZAC experience.

Second World War:

  • Italian Campaign – the experiences of Fifth and Eight Armies, with a focus on Salerno, Cassino and Anzio.  My three years spent in Italy on exchange with the Italian Army allowed me frequent visits the battlefields of the Second World War.  Like the Italian Front of the First World War, this is an area of particular interest for me.
  • Normandy – primarily the British and Canadian beaches and the Airborne landings.
  • Berlin – I was lucky enough to spend 3 months in the former DDR as an exchange student in the summer of 1986 and then to be posted there with my Battalion for two years just after the wall cam down and I have continued to visit since; consequently I know Berlin well.  I focus on the Battle for Berlin 1945 but also offer 1933-1945 and Cold War elements.

I am also available as a freelance guide if you have already booked your accommodation and transport and would like to use the services of a professional guide to enhance your battlefield study.  If this is what you are looking for, please use the contact form to get in touch.

  • Ground orientation for Headquarters Regional Command, looking from Monte Zovetto across the Asiago Plateau on a tour for Staffride Ltd

“The Battlefield Study at Monte Cassino was the best tour I have attended, the whole package, from travel to accommodation was well organised and allowed our soldiers to sit back and enjoy the tour.  Rob was our historian during the trip and he has the ability to make history come to life, the tours were thoroughly engaging and easily digestible to our soldiers. His passion and attention to detail were very well received and created a clear picture of what had occurred on each of the sites visited. He also inspired the soldiers to actively seek more information as he had ignited their interest and willingness to learn.  A successful tour which achieved all of our training objectives.” 2I/C 243 Sigs Sqn

“Rob Deere brings a wealth of knowledge to his tours. Clearly an avid student of military history he combines this to great effect, with the expertise and experience gained in his time as a professional Infantry soldier.  The stands are brought to life with anecdotes of the actions of individuals that are inextricably linked to the strategic outcome and so emphasises the importance of the effect of the Section all the way through to the Army Group. Time and again he demonstrated the importance of Mission Command in scenarios that are redolent of an age gone by but in fact are eerily relevant to the contemporary and future campaigns that an army prepares for today.  His tour of the Great War North Italian campaign neatly demonstrates that the evolving practices learned from the Boer War and the Western Front, have a utility that is practiced today. From the training and care of the soldier through to Logistics, the Manoeuverist approach with Combined Arms to the Grand Strategy of Total War and most importantly the sometimes disastrous results of the political influence on campaigns; it is all there. Rob has an engaging, thought-provoking and interactive style pitched at the right level for the mixed audience he escorted and his Italian linguistic ability smoothed the way for a most enjoyable tour.” Lt.Col,  HQ RC

“The Royal School of Artillery deployed on a Battlefield Study of Monte Cassino and were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, organisation and administration that STAFFRIDE Ltd provided from start to finish.  Our particular thanks goes to Rob Deere who was the group’s guide and historian. He was energetic, totally professional and delivered a completely interactive experience. He invested a lot of personal time researching artillery specific actions prior to the trip and ensured this was a steady focus throughout. He also ensured that the administration, transport and accommodation ran smoothly and without incident. His assistance was further enhanced by his access to current military tactics, techniques and procedures due to his previous extensive military experience, all of which removed much of the burden from the military battlefield study leader.   On behalf of the Royal School of Artillery, I would like to thank you for an excellent battlefield study.”  Chief Instructor – Close Support, RSA